Eight Great Tips to Help You Learn with you Guitar Classes

As you are probably extremely aware, taking the first step is always the hardest step, and more than often we need a little help. To learn how to play guitar on line is the same. You can see it this way, you have gotten on a train on your way to a job appointment, not just any job, the job of your dreams. You know it can totally be done, but after you get it, you don´t want to loose this opportunity, so you ask the people that has worked in this position in the past to figure how to do it.

Well, that you have chosen to find a quick way to learn guitar, it is the moment to see what the correct way to go is, and what the best method to follow is in your way of becoming a guitarist.

Tip number one: It is crucial having an hour a day to play guitar. Do not forget this, it is the key to becoming good with musician. Just like learning how to drive, having a moment to practice guitar during the day is important when you are starting.

Advice number two: listen to music. Too hard, right? To be more specific, listen the songs you would like to learn how to play. When the moment comes for you to start playing your favourite songs, you’ll recognize when you make an error, plus, having the determination of learning a song that you actually like playing will make it easier.

Tip number three: exercise your fingers. An example of a good exercise is after you have learned the chords, play them in order: C – D – E – F – G – A – B. Do this a lot of times to get used to the strings.

Tip number four: practice in your head. This sounds silly doesn´t it? But in fact this workds. Every time you imagine something in your head, your brain works as if you were indeed doing it. So, when you imagine yourself playing the chords on your guitar, you are actually practicing almost as much as if you had the guitar in your hands.

Tip number five: clean your guitar. Well, this is not exactly a tip that will make you a better guitar player, but is more like common sense. A clean guitar is a happy guitar, and a happy guitar will keep you playing.

Tip number six: work on your fingers strength. Don’t worry; you don’t have to join a gym to make this happen. You can do this by doing scales on your guitar or just by playing the chords correctly and holding your fingers still for a few seconds will do. You will feel the difference in a couple of days.

Tip number seven: practice with your eyes closed. This is excellent, as it can be tricky. Try making changes from chord to chord first, then you can move to another exercise that you know. Your fingers are going to know what to do and you will play a lot faster.

Advice number eight: Find musicians to look up. Having a role model to follow is a smart thing to do, as long as it is to get motivation and inspiration only.

After you do that, remember that the best way to learn guitar is to practice every day. I strongly recommend you to purchase jamorama or if you are able to join a music school, that’s a good idea too. The important thing is to put some effort into it.


About George Balibrera

Hey there!, my name is George, I love playing guitar, soccer and the Real Madrid... I have a degree in business administration and I would love to help you learn guitar... have a nice day!
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